The Craftsmen & The Design

Each bag that is sold by Santuario carries generations of technique and skill within each element and stitch. By melding together distinctive and recognizable characteristics of these regionally specific bags with premium materials to create a perfect harmony of durability, tradition, and timeless fashion. 

Los Artisanos

As hard workers with incredible work ethic, the artisans of the towns of Santuario and Jeríco take great pride in their work. Each bag is constructed by hand using techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation. Santuario, the brand, works with several workshops to source pieces that range from strictly traditional styles to updated traditional that cater to modern fashion with the use of accents and embellishments.  
We strive to not only have a professional relationship with each of these artisans but something more, as well. The region is known for its welcoming and friendly atmosphere, where residents treat you like family. We wanted to return the gesture and expose the world to this hidden region’s skilled craftsmen and growing leather industry. Unlike other global leather industries, the leather used by Santuario’s artisans is not mass-produced in great quantities. 
As part of the region’s way of life, nothing is wasted when it comes to materials. The hides used to construct these bags are from cows raised on the local farms of Jeríco. They are raised in large open spaces and lush forested areas. These living conditions are what attributes to the variances in the hides that the bags are made with, each unique with different markings meaning no two are the same. At the appropriate time, they are taken to the weekly Sunday market in the town square to be sold. 
When these hides are transformed into a bag, each carries its own unique variances. From color to texture and markings, each bag is carefully crafted to enhance and highlight the characteristics of the life of the cow it came from. 

El Carriel Tradicional

Dating back to the early 1800s, the Carriel, meaning “Carry-All,” is the historic bag silhouette specific to the town of Jeríco and is built to last while complementing the day to day life of its residents. They were originally made with Nutria fur but cowhide and calf hair were used because of the fear of extinction of the animal. Its unique accordion-style body was used to hold their most prized belongings; anything from tools to love letters, while they worked in the coffee fields. Santuario has taken the discernible elements of this versatile bag and made a few minor updates that make it the perfect addition to a stylish wardrobe. 


The flap allows for security but ensures easy access to your belongings. The shape and details from its cowboy heritage are what make it recognizable as a traditional Carriel. 
calf hair western cowboy luxury handbag


It features an accordion-style body to fit daily necessities but expands to accommodate more. 
calf hair western cowboy luxury handbag


The simplicity of the closure adds another recognizable characteristic to the bag. As the extension on the flap slips through the loop on the body, it’s easy to use and holds firm. 
calf hair western cowboy luxury handbag


The strap of the Carriel is constructed much like a belt intended to be worn in an adjustable crossbody fashion, allowing the wearer to carry their items but keep them out of the way and remain hands-free.

calf hair belt western cowboy luxury handbag


The Carriel is the heart and soul of the designs and silhouettes carried by Santuario. In an effort to stay true to our roots, we aim to offer a cohesive line of products that merges this distinctive aesthetic with contemporary fashion.