Premium Colombian Leather. 100% handmade. Community in Culture.

Unique Functional handbags made with durable and honest materials as a promise of resilience and longevity to our customers.

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calf hair luxury handmade handbag backpackcalf hair luxury handmade handbag backpack
calf hair luxury handmade handbag backpack
  • 100% Handmade

    Each handbag is carefully crafted by a local artist who is backed by decades of experience and generations of traditional techniques. From carefully selected materials and hardware to meticulous hand-stitching and weaving, every bag is painstakingly constructed and inspected to ensure the highest quality and attention to detail is achieved.

  • premium quality colombian leather

    Premium Colombian Leather

    As one of the world’s oldest producers of leather, Colombia is known for its durable and beautiful full-grain and cowhide skins. With thicker hides and fewer imperfections due to locale and care of livestock, Santuario’s handbags utilize these exquisite materials as a promise of resilience and longevity to our customers.

  • Community In Culture

    With a personal connection to Santuario, Colombia, we hope to dismantle the stereotypical stigma of the country’s unsavory export trade. With so much more to offer, such as lush forests and a colorful heritage spanning millennia; our intention is to highlight the uniquely crafted leather goods industry and generate opportunities to a region that may be otherwise hidden.