The Brand & The Mission

Santuario was founded in 2019 with the mission to connect vibrant Colombian heritage with fashion-savvy women so they could update their look in a unique way that held meaning behind it. The name Santuario holds a special meaning to the brand’s founder and means “a sacred place.” As the name of the birthplace of her mother, Santuario holds a deep connection to Natalie that she wants to share with the rest of the world.

A Handbag That Tells A Story

With a bond to the brand’s namesake, the founder’s idea was to bridge the gap between the artisans (or artisanos) and modern fashion mavens by providing a platform for them to sell their incredible products and expand their collections. In this region, many do not have access to the tools we are fortunate enough to have, such as computers, internet, and website building, which means they are unable to extend the reach in which they can sell their goods. Typically, the artisans of this region rely on tourism to sell their products, but with the lack of travel with the pandemic, it’s become increasingly difficult. With Santuario as their liaison to the American market and beyond, this partnership now connects with consumers across the globe with the craftsmen of Santuario and Jeríco. 
high fashion desert western editorial     high fashion desert western editorial
It was important for Santuario to stock pieces that are eye-catching but are also timeless. When a piece stands out, questions are asked and the story of the brand and the makers can be shared. And, with centuries of history behind them, these bags are staples that can be passed down to each generation after us, along with its story and the life it has lived. 
At this juncture, Santuario’s role is to foster this connection while educating people of Colombia’s rich culture. In doing so, we are creating a steady stream of income independent of the typical tourist season, even when travel becomes safe. As Santuario grows, we would like to provide a portion of proceeds for an outreach and/or education program that they can benefit from, as well.